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Hire intelligence

Strategic, effective marketing and PR doesn't come out of a bottle. It requires smart people with a creative vision who understand your goals and barriers. To find an intelligent communicator you need a recruiter like Charet & Associates who knows what to look for.

Hire integrity

Charet & Associates provides a high standard of executive search where ethics and discretion are paramount. We ensure that each candidate's experience is a good one, which reflects well on our clients. We stand by our work and we're proud of the long and trusting relationships we've established.

Hire experience

Over the last 25 years, we've developed a deep industry knowledge and broad network of the finest communications professionals. Our experience includes work across every industry and we have a firm grasp of what successful communications and marketing requires.


True confidence comes from the ability to do a job well. We have a 25 year track record of successful searches so we know what we're doing, and we pass that confidence to you. Take the risk out of your search with Charet & Associates and know with confidence that you're seeing the best candidates, and getting a thorough, dedicated and professional search.

Hire the best

It takes the best recruiter to understand what the best candidate is for your department. Your success is our success, so we are committed to delivering the best to our clients in every way.

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